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Introducing Savant SmartView Video Tiling
November 17th, 2012

Savant SmartView technology... a single display, streaming up to nine¹ HD video sources, with a slick viewing experience controlled and personalized through the power of Savant’s TrueControl iPad app.  

SmartView is the perfect solution for business, entertainment and security.

The Ultimate Viewing Experience
Get more out of your display with Savant SmartView technology. Check the scores of multiple games, watch the weekend forecast, follow wall street and see who’s at the door, all this and more without disrupting the kids movie. SmartView takes your personal viewing experience a step above the rest.

With the capability to switch up to twenty-four media sources, from one to nine windows, game day, fight night or an everyday evening inside has never looked this good. Personalize your view, save it as a favorite preset for convenient access. Create up to four presets including your selected media sources, channels, screen layout, audio source and volume level.

Corporate Solution
Savant SmartView delivers an unmatched multi-view solution to meet the demands of today’s corporate environment. This multiple window display allows you to view a presentation, plus multiple video conferencing sources and more, all on one screen.  Leveraging Savant’s user experience expertise, SmartView technology simplifies collaboration and communication in every meeting with a single touch.

Use Apple® Gestures to Control & Customize
Savant SmartView is powered by TrueControl™, Savant’s control app, for iPad®, iPhone® or iPod® touch. Customize your viewing experience in real-time by using familiar Apple gestures to expand, contract, and position your screens.

¹The initial release of SmartView Video Tiling will support the streaming of up to six HD video sources to a single display.  The subsequent release of SmartView (version 2) will support the tiling of up to nine HD video sources to
 a single display.


 Savant CEO Robert Madonna demonstrates the New Savant SmartView Video Tiling Technology at CEDIA! Savant's new multi-window video processing technology, seamlessly ties true HDMI video and audio sources together for an unmatched display presentation.