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Spring Special - SONARRAY Landscape Speaker System
March 18th, 2013


The SONARRAY SR1 SYSTEM raises the bar of outdoor entertainment; featuring eight small satellite speakers that are evenly, yet discreetly, distributed throughout garden beds in addition to a below-ground subwoofer, which disperses bass from a canopy hidden under the foliage. This results in high quality, crystal clear sound that is the perfect volume throughout the entire back yard.

The SONARRAY SR1 SYSTEM eliminates problematic loud areas that can make conversation difficult while at the same time addressing quiet areas where you can barely hear the music. Due to the nature of the setup all of the speakers face inwards causing all sound to be contained within your back yard, so your neighbors will love it as well!


  • 8 Satellite speakers
  • 1 In-ground subwoofer
  • 8 Ohm System
  • Impedance matched for easy configuration
  • Works with a standard AV receiver